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Instructor Training Workshop Fees

TYRO Support Services will guide you and help you become a competent, confident instructor of communication skills and processes.


Potential participants who do not know an instructor can be certain they would be taking the course from someone trained plus experienced. The certification helps assure participants that they will be taught the same structured course wherever it is taught across the country.


Active certified instructors, who wish to be, are included on the National Referral List for COUPLE COMMUNICATION on this website.


The certification provides you with an asset for your career and professional marketability.


Certified instructors receive quantity discounts on COUPLE COMMUNICATION materials. Also, with certification, you may attend additional workshops for updating purposes at a discounted rate.


Study all Course Materials

We suggest you study the following materials before the instructor workshop, so you are familiar with the concepts, skills, and the coaching process.

  • Collaborative Marriage Skills Workbook
  • COUPLE COMMUNICATION Instructor Manual

Attend an instructor training workshop

The instructor workshop described on this website fulfills this step and is one very important part of certification for the COUPLE COMMUNICATION program. By itself, however, the workshop is not sufficient for certification.

Teach 20 Couples

You may teach groups of couples or one couple at a time, using couple packets in your instruction. After each class, send your evaluations to TYRO Support Services for review and to receive our comments and support.

Pass a written exam

The exam is an open-book test based on the information in the Collaborative Marriage Skills Workbook and in the COUPLE COMMUNICATION Instructor Manual.
The exam is designed to help you reflect on and integrate the following:

  • The objectives of the COUPLE COMMUNICATION program
  • Content of the workbook
  • Information in the instructor manual, especially from the sections on competencies and contracting, plus generalizations from the section on theory and research

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