COUPLE COMMUNICATION is an award-winning relationship education program that equips participants with skills to make your relationships thrive. 

Relationship Satisfaction

Couples’ who participate in Couple Communication have significantly improved marital satisfaction as a direct result of participation. 

Talking & Listening skills

The Couple Communication program equips participants with skills to self-regulate and create effective communication skills. 

Conflict Resolution

Couple Communication allows couples to work out problems in a constructive way so both partners feel satisfied with the solutions reached.

Proven Success

Most effective program

COUPLE COMMUNICATION is the most independently researched, relationship-education program, making it the most effective communication program for couple’s. With over 70 commendations and studies performed, this life-changing program has yielded outstanding results in both married and unmarried couples.

Happy Couples


improved relationships

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what others are saying…

couple communication mr & Mrs

Jonathan Perry

Pastor, Counselor

Amazing people! Amazing Program!

Matthew Davis

My wife and I had a great time learning Couple Communication. Becasue of it, we are working on having better communication. 

How Couple communication works


Be better communicators


Talking & Listening skills

Conflict resolution

Listening Skills

Happier relationships

Anger Management

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