What is couple communication?


COUPLE COMMUNICATION is an award-winning relationship education program that equips participants with these skills:

Relationship Satisfaction

Couples’ with participate in Couple Communication have significantly improved marital satisfaction as a direct result of participation. 

Talking & Listening skills

This program equips participants with skills to self-regulate and create effective communication skills as a result. 

Conflict Resolution

Couple Communication allows married couples to work out problems in a constructive way so both partners feel satisfied with the solutions reached.

Proven Success

Most effective program

COUPLE COMMUNICATION is the most effective communication program for couple’s available. COUPLE COMMUNICATION is the most independently researched, relationship-education program available. With over 70 commendations and studies performed, this life-changing program has yielded outstanding results in both married and unmarried couples.

Happy Couples


improved relationships

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couple communication mr & Mrs

Jonathan Perry

Pastor, Counselor

Amazing people! Amazing Program!

Matthew Davis

My wife and I had a great time learning Couple Communication. Becasue of it, we are working on better communication. 

How Couple communication works


Be better communicators


Talking & Listening skills

Conflict resolution

Listening Skills

Happier relationships

Anger Management

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