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Interpersonal Communication skills

Couple Communication I is a program that helps you understand and connect with your partner better. You learn 11 skills and processes to communicate effectively about day-to-day events and important issues.

In the program, you gain skills and tools that improve every aspect of your life — with your partner, your family and friends, and with people at work and elsewhere.

    Included in the program

    How it works 

    Over 700,000 couples have used these research-based tools to strengthen and grow their relationships.  Our instructors will use their experience and expertise to help you put these concepts and skills to work in your everyday life.


    Building a Healthy Relationship

    Recognize the 7 Ingredients of a Collaborative Marriage


    Choosing Communication Styles

    Identify ineffective and effective ways of talking and listening
    Improve the quality of your communication


    Using the awareness wheel

    Understand yourself and situations better – a foundation for effective communication
    Apply 6 talking skills to connect in a clear and constructive way


    Mapping Issues

    Combine the talking and listening skills
    Make decisions and resolve conflicts collaboratively


    Learning Formats and issues

    In a Group with an instructor and several other couples – in sessions totaling 8 hours
    By yourselves as a couple with an instructor – often six 50-minute sessions

    The Training Process

    The Most Effective Communication Program

    Hands on skills

    • Explanations of the concepts, skills, and processes
    • Demonstrations of the skills and processes
    • Practice of skills and processes with real issues of your own choice
    • Using innovative tools to speed learning
    • Coaching and feedback on your use of skills
    • Application of your learning in real situations between sessions

    User Friendly Couple Materials

    • 2 Collaborative Marriage Skills workbooks (one copy for each partner)
    • 2 Skills Mats (one for talking, the other for listening)
    • 2 Sets of Pocket Cards to prompt skill use
    • 2 Awareness Wheel pads

    Ideal for...

    • Use during sessions
    • Practice at home between sessions
    • Application after the course to reinforce skills when negotiating issues

    Trusted relationship program

    Trusted by thousands of Counselors

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    Training materials

    Whats included?

    • The COUPLE COMMUNICATION I Couple Packet
    • Floor mats
    • Writing Pads
    • Notecards and bookmarks

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