What is Couple Communication?

Couple Communication is the most researched, relationship-education program available. To date, more than 700,000 couples around the world have participated in Couple Communication, and the program has been translated into seven different languages. The curriculum has yielded outstanding results in both married and unmarried populations, and teaches participants to:

  • Be better communicators
  • Improve talking and listening skills
  • Seek collaborative conflict resolution and manage anger
  • Build satisfying relationships with family, friends, and coworkers

Couple Communication coursework is comprised of two primary components. Couple Communication I is the foundational communications course for couples, and Couple Communication II builds upon those skills learned in the first course. There is also a separate, individualized component of the programming called Core Communication, which focuses on other types of relationships.

In all of these courses, participants learn 11 practical and effective talking and listening skills for better decision-making, conflict resolution, and anger management. Whether gained through pre-marriage preparation, marriage education, or counseling, these interpersonal tools help to build a more satisfying and fulfilling collaborative relationship.

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